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Workshops and seminars

Workshops focus on Gender equality and the right to education (also sexual health and reproductive health talks and family planning and counseling) for the girls in the program with people from villages in Kajiado County and other institutions.


Gender equality

March holiday Workshop

October holiday Workshop

Women’s empowerment is critical for the health and socioeconomic development of families, communities, and countries.

Women may attain their greatest potential when they live lives that are safe, fulfilling, and productive. They can contribute their abilities to the workforce while also raising happier and healthier children. They can also assist power sustainable economies while also benefiting society.

Education is a vital component of this empowerment, which is why we held a workshop for girls in the Kenswed empowerment program to provide them with knowledge on gender equality, the right to education, their own and their children’s hygiene, motherhood, and menstruation management.

‘Kuteguka sio kuvunjika guu,’ says a Swahili proverb. Even after an unintended teenage pregnancy, life goes on, and every girl has the right to finish her education as long as she is able. Existing data indicates to plenty of advantages for girls and women who get an education. According to a 2013 UNESCO research, if all women in developing countries completed secondary school, child mortality would be cut in half.

Nelson Mandela once said that ‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than how it treats its children’. ‘Thank you for giving me a chance to go back to school, I am happy– I want to become a nurse’, says Caroline. For her and other young mothers in the program it’s a second chance at rewriting their narratives, their needs and those of their kids are fully supported in the program.

Girls’ empowerment is critical to economic progress, political stability, and social transformation.

Girls’ empowerment is critical to economic progress, political stability, and social transformation.


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